Our Experience

DSTA Projects

We were the current Term Contractor for DSTA Land Surveying Services for West Zone. We provide land surveying services for DSTA construction projects. Our Company has completed a few DSTA term contracts in the past years.

Road data hub

We have conducted preconstruction & as-built surveys including road data hub for numerous new bus-stops over the Island.

Road declaration surveys
Road declaration surveys were done for the following roads:

  • Aviation Park Road
  • Seletar Link
  • Seletar North Link
  • Seletar West Link

Drainage reserve survey

Survey for drainage reserve was carried out for West Coast Canal.

Land subdivisions

Our company conducted many land subdivisions. One of them is the land subdivision of Sentosa North Cove & South Coves. Another worth noting the subdivision of NSRCC at Changi Coast Road.